Reevaluation of an idea

So, this idea of Side Hustle Notes was somewhat of an ice breaker to me in the realm of entrepreneurial endeavors. I’ve learned so much, and one thing I’ve learned is there is going to be a lot of silence on this blog because most of my time is being out there in the hustle. I’ll be here to inform, vent, and make notations when appropriate.


Do Twitter handles have to be the same as your blog/vlog/insta/FB/etc?

Earlier, I’ve mentioned that Twitter has given me problems setting up an account with the @sidehustlenotes handle. I’m real! Really!

I may have to set up a Twitter with a different handle. Does this matter?


P.S. Something similar is happening with FB, but I’m more optimistic the problem will be resolved with them.

No internet? How do you blog?

On Wednesday, August 15th, Comcast sent a text stating services may be interrupted due to laying new cable in the area. Friday, August 17th, around noon, Comcast sends another text that they are finished with their work and services should be fully restored. Guess what?

Nope. Absolutely NO service at all! No internet/wifi or cable. Thank goodness I didn’t bundle phone with them because that probably wouldn’t be working either. WTF, Comcast!

How do you blog when the internet goes out in your area? What are the ways you’ve worked around this problem?

P.S. I’m posting this using my phone data. Oomph~

UPDATE: Comcast is sending a technician Sunday morning between 8-10.

FINAL UPDATE: It’s Sunday and the services are back but wonky. Already, it’s gone on and off. The connection is not stable yet, but I’m working with what’s available.

THIS BETTER BE THE LAST UPDATE NEEDED: The Comcast vehicles were still here “working” as of business end Tuesday the 21st. Can’t wait for Google Fiber to reach my neighborhood.

Four Types of Note Takers

This is essentially the Notes page

There are four types of note takers:

  1.  Those who take notes with their gadgets
  2.  Those who don’t take notes
  3.  Those who write down their notes on paper
  4.  Those who take the notes of others (to copy and return-of course).

I confess to be all of the above.*

  1. I’d use my camera when there isn’t time to jot everything down.
  2. There were professors who’d provide their lecture notes online to supposedly reduce paper waste making the need to take notes moot.
  3. Really? It’s not clear yet that I wrote on paper?
  4. Finally, there are those days you miss class and have to borrow other people’s notes.

Needless to say, my notebook for a class or a project would become a hodgepodge of pictures, bookmarked links, various pieces of paper, and means to stick/clip everything together.

This is my note taking style, y’all. So, you should expect a mishmash of notes on the various side hustles in the works. There may be overlap in some of the notes since some of the side hustles I’m looking into are weirdly connected. On the other hand, most side hustles will have their own clear distinction making the notes completely separate.

This separation can be felt under the header menu Notes, where you should be able to easily access the notes on each side hustle. Also, this separation should be seen under the Side Hustle Index in the sidebar.

It’s early days, so the Notes page will be updated when needed. Ironically, the page won’t have any #shnotes written on it.The Notes menu will guide you to where on the site you can find the notes like a concierge or doorkeeper.


*If there are other types of note takers that do not fit into these categories, then state the type and explain how they do not fit in the listed ones above.

$o¢ia£ Media Cache*

Side hustle à la social media will probably also take some time to build traction like blogging. Plus, I have no idea how people make money with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This is going to be a very steep learning curve. However, since I’m going to be using social media anyway, I might as well make some cash for the time spent on the different platforms. Essentially, this side hustle is a built in money maker–totally makes sense.

*Yup, totally went meta with the word play. How many layers of word play did you get?

First Day, first step

When looking for ways to make money on the side, a google search leads you to waaaay too many websites on making money by blogging. Most of them make you sign up for an e-class or download an e-book by relinquishing your e-mail. I will NOT make an e-class/video or write an e-book on the topic of making money through blogging; however, people do make through their websites.

My aspiration is to create an online space where anyone could profit through various side hustles, but how does one share such a place? Ironically, it’s through blogging.

“It takes money to make money”

Whoever first said, “it takes money to make money,” must’ve lived with means and without means to truly understand the scope of this saying. The older I get and the more adulting that needs to be done has made me acutely aware of money and from where it comes. Following this philosophy, I intended to create a website with no earthly idea how much a domain and domain hosting services cost– it’s more than I can spend right now.*

As you can see from this web address, I have opted to use‘s free blogging service to start my website. Nevertheless, once I get more familiar with blogging and taking notes on side hustles, I do intend to switch over to a web address which no longer includes “wordpress.” That my friends, takes money.

Starting this website is in no means free. It takes time to make. Time is money. It took money to get this computer. The electric company is charging by the watt. The internet company just sent another bill. No indeed, this website is not free. Thus, in starting this website, I’m using money. Whether or not the money has been put to good use to make money, I’ll report to you in a future blog. Nevertheless, although I may have spent my first day and first step into this first side hustle by making this site, I think it’ll be one of the slowest side hustles to show profit.

In the meantime, there are many other side hustles I’ll take notes on. That’s actually my next step. Which side hustle will it be? Stay tuned.


*I’ll share in a future blog why it’s more than I can spend right now which stems from why I’ve started these side hustle notes in the first place.

Social Media

twitterI tried to make a twitter account today for Side Hustle Notes, but twitter thinks I’m not real. When I get this worked out with them, my handle will be @sidehustlenotes #tweet

FBMade a facebook page for Side Hustle Notes. Currently, it’s, but I hope to change it soon.


Since when does modern social media not include photos? Yeah, never. So, when pictures are taken of various side hustle gigs, I’ll be sure to instagram the action. @sidehustlenotes

What other social media platforms are worth getting?

If you have any good ideas on what you want to see on twitter, instagram, and facebook, contact me.Social-Media-Ideas